Cat-Tales is a popular metafiction series taking place in the real Gotham City, where the events depicted in Batman and other comics are understood to be the exaggerations, and sometimes the outright fictions, of tabloid journalists. Catwoman, Batman, and the “Batman Family” of characters are at the center of the series, while spin-offs focus on the Justice League, Jason Blood and others. 

The Cat-Tales stories are available in three forms: as media-rich webpages for online reading, in downloadable pdf documents for those who prefer to print hardcopies, and in Kindle and mobi formats for portable readers.  There is a mobile-friendly mirror site for the main Cat-Tales stories and select spin-offs at

Most people will want to begin by reading the stories online.

Navigating the website

The main series, Cat-Tales, can be accessed by the button on the lower menu.

The other buttons on the lower menu are self-explanatory.  Spinoffs include JLAin't, a sister series by MyklarCure exploring the Justice League's side of many Cat-Tales episodes, Capes and Bats, a dramatic tale of Dracula in Gotham, Reap What You Sow, a Poison Ivy-centric tale exploring an alternate universe introduced in String Theory, and Wicked Verse, starring Jason Blood and his dark companion Etrigan. 

The Fan Art Gallery is a must-see, showcasing the work of traditional and digital artists inspired by Cat-Tales scenes.

The Extras page is a gateway to the Cat-Tales Visitor Center in Second Life, the Wayne Family History,  downloadable wallpapers, newsletter subscription and community features.

The Stories

For the main series, the most recent story and chapter is highlighted at the top of the index page accessed by the button.  The 2 column menu will cycle through, first displaying the stories of books  5 & 6, then 1 & 2, then 3 and 4.  Readers may also access the full index in static wide-screen form from that page, or a Best of selection chosen by our readers offering their picks for Best Bruce and Selina action, Best Comedies, Dramas, Joker stories, etc.

The first Cat-Tale and best place for new newcomers to begin is with Cat-Tale #1: A Girl’s Gotta Protect Her Reputation.

Each story page contains a READ ONLINE button for the web version and download options for offline reading. 

Ebooks:  Individual stories and the book-length compilations are available in .mobi format for the Amazon Kindle, and .epub, the universal ebook format.  Most readers will open epub files directly.  For others, epubs can be easily converted to proprietary platforms with software such as Calibre, which many users find ideal for cataloging as well as converting their e-libraries.  If you are uncertain what format your device requires, consult the Mobile Reader Wiki here.  

Right click on either link and save the zipped file to your harddrive.  Unzip after your download and install or convert/edit tags/pipe into your reader with Calibre.

On the site, special links are included for the convenience of iPhone and iPod users with the Stanza app installed.   The Safari browser will open non-zipped epub books directly for devices with that app, so iPhone users should not need to download and unzip.

PDFs are also available for all stories and compilations.  While many devices will read PDFs, these files are intended for high printing quality.  As such, they may simply be too large for your device to download and there will be page numbers and headings not intended for ereaders.  You are welcome to try, but we make no guarantees.

If you would like to request a specific ebook format that is not offered, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do.

The Print option is to download print-quality PDFs in a comic-size format 6.625" x 10.25"   This size is available at CafePress and chain print/copy shops. 

Many stories also include some sort of EXTRAS such as: 

The Cat-Tales Companions:  Cat-Tales references certain events in DC Comics, as well as literature and pop culture.  The  Companions are meant to be a simple supplement for readers that want a little more:  to know what comic “Prometheus at the Watchtower” refers to, what opera La Donna Mobile comes from, or sometimes a Catverse-specific backstory that might have been mentioned in the message boards but never made it into the “official chronicles” like what really happened at Clark Kent’s bachelor party or how to make Selina’s martini.  The Companions only cover the first five stories, from Reputation through Such an Idiot.  Since they are more time-consuming to assemble than other extras, there are no plans to extend them at this time, but Chris is happy to take questions on Companion-type details of any story through the forums and post-story chats.

Other extras might include fan art depicting scenes from the story, a link to the message board discussion, chat transcripts from the most recent Tales, and special features like a "Cat-vid," Cat-Tales theatrical program, or the Wayne Family History.

In addition to the link on the cover page, the last chapter of a story contains a Post Review button that will connect you to the appropriate thread in the message boards.  Anyone can read, but you must log in with a Yuku, Facebook, Twitter or other Internet ID in order to post.    

Extras:  Message Board

The Cat-Tales forums are hosted by Yuku.  You can sign in to post via Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, MySpace, AOL, WindowsLive ID, Blogger, flickr, WordPress, Linked in, or OpenID.    [As of this writing, Yuku has discontinued their participation in OpenID.]

Or, naturally, you can create a Yuku account:

Creating an account on the Yuku is exactly like a hundred other message board systems.  You provide some basic information like your name and - very important - a valid email address, copy text to prove you're a human, and then that valid email address receives a validation email with a link.  If you don't receive the email, check your junk filter/spam settings.  If you can't click the link, copy it and paste into the browser, etc.  Links to the relevant pages in Yuku's help wiki are provided below:

Creating an Account | Account Verification Troubleshooting

If you're inclined, you can add an avatar, create a slick profile, upload pictures, videos, keep a blog, and friend users with similar interests.  None of it is mandatory to join the Cat-Tales Community, but it is definitely fun.

When you're ready, come into the forum and get ready to post.  There are two ways, creating a new topic*, as in the Guestbook, or replying to an existing thread, as you would to leave a review.

*New accounts are limited creating one new topic and replying to up to three existing threads on their first day after sign up.

Starting a new topic:

  • Look for the NEW TOPIC button

  • The "Posting A New Topic" page will open.

  • Enter the title of your post in the Title text box.

  • Enter the tags for your post in the Tags text box. Note: See Topics Tags below for more info on Tags.

  • Use the WYSISYG editor to enter and edit the body of post.

  • Insert smilies, pictures or flash with the buttons provided as your expertise allows

  • Click the Post button to publish your new topic.

Your options are as follows:

  • Search Tags: Topic tags are words and phrases that describe this new topic. They are used to make searching for specific posts easier for you, your members and new users who want to find posts like yours.

  • Strip All Links: Check the Strip All Links box to remove links to other web pages in the post (e.g. "HTTP://"). This is a good security feature if you do not wish to have external links enabled in your post.

  • Use Smilies: Check the Use Smilies box to have smilie shortcuts :) automatically converted to graphic smilies in your post.

  • Subscribe to this topic: Check this box to receive emails to notify you of new posts in this topic.   Once the thread is created, you will also be able to subscribe to the rss feed using the link.

  • Stay in Topic: Check this box to return to the topic after posting, rather than returning to the forum.

  • Blog this: Check this box to have your new topic posted to your profile blog as well as making a new topic.

  • Choose a Signature: Select the Signature you wish to use in your post. Note: The default setting is "Don't Use a Signature".

Reply to a topic:

Replying is similar to starting a new thread, without the bother of assigning a topic header or search tags.  You can either use the button to open a WYSIWYG window like that pictured above, or if you have no need for the rich text, picture or video insertion, you can type directly into the QUICK REPLY window at the bottom of each page of each thread.

If you want to practice, the Arkham Asylum area is for testing graphics and getting to learn the system.

Extras:  Chat

Occasionally, when the last chapter of a Cat-Tale is posted, the date is announced for a post-Tale chat.  The chatroom is accessible from the Extras page and the Message Board.     

The chatroom requires Javatechnology to run. Check the chat page well in advance of the scheduled chat time and if you do not see the sign in screen, get Java now, for free, from and make sure your browser is java enabled. 

You do not need to pre-register.  If you are not a guest speaker or administrator, you have no need for that password field, just pick a username and login.

Once you're in the chatroom, there is an informal atmosphere.  The room remains open and visitors don't have to signal a moderator to be called on.  Questions are taken alternately from members in the room and those submitted in advance by email. 

The chat client allows for simple text enhancement like Bold, Italic, and has a number of smilies and sound features included.

Disruptive members or those spamming or indulging in off-topic conversation will be warned once and muted.  Repeat offenders can be banned, but fortunately this has never been necessary.

Extras:  Wiki

The Wiki has been discontinued at this time.  It may be back if there is sufficient reader interest.

Extras:  Mailing List

The best way to keep up with all things Cat-Tales is to subscribe to the mailing list.  News of chapter updates, spin-offs, and special features and the occasional contest are delivered straight to your mailbox.  Fill out the Join the Mailing List form on the extras page, check SUBSCRIBE, and wait for the validation email.  When it arrives, click the link enclosed.  If you do not receive a validation email, check your junk filter/spam settings.  If you can't click the link, copy it and paste into the browser.

It is recommended you opt for the HTML version of the newsletter, or you'll miss out on direct links to the new stories, and all but the primary announcement for that particular issue.

Your email will never be sold or distributed, we use it for the newsletter and nothing else.

You  may also stay informed of updates by Liking Cat-Tales on Facebook, following on Twitter or Goggle +.

 And now a word… 

Everything on the Cat-Tales Website is free and always will be. If you enjoy and appreciate these stories and special features, the writers request that you click the Big Cats when you see one on a story page.  One free click each day will help save the habitats of tigers, jaguars and snow leopards.


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