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Cat-Tales began in 2001 in response to what DC Comics called its "New Direction" for Catwoman, an "interpretation" of the character so alien in personality, look, and lifestyle it was impossible to reconcile with the Selina Kyle we all knew and loved.  When musicians interpret a piece of music, they are not given leave to change then notes.  When an actor interprets a role, they are not permitted to change the lines.  What DC Comics did was essentially start packaging Metalica CDs labeled as Mozart.

Cat-Tales takes the position that Mozart would have a problem with that.  Selina Kyle had a problem with that, and struck back with the stage show: Cat-Tales, An Evening with Catwoman.  Her goal, and ours, is simply to put the real character out there, in all her glory and with all her faults, and let the truth speak for itself.

While the series obviously includes a certain amount of commentary about comics and their treatment of Catwoman, Batman and several other major characters, it is presented primarily as entertainment.  Selina, written correctly, is fun, and the stories of her and her world are here to be fun.  This is a woman who enjoys her life and enjoys her world.  If you want to be Batman or you want to be Catwoman, you want to live in that world for a time, this is the series for you.  If, on the other hand, you think Gotham is Mordor with street lights and these characters are all damaged and psycho, you might want to keep on walking.  The people you meet here will just confuse you.

That said, and in response to those who ask why I write this as fan fiction and not create original characters that I could make money on, the answer that kernel of commentary underneath all the fun.  Fan fiction is a response to corporate ownership of our folklore.  It matters that it is Batman and Catwoman that DC's writers have portrayed in this fashion.  It matters that it's the characters we grew up with, the Selina we girls grew up wanting to be, the Bruce you boys wanted to be.  It matters that it's the characters that are ubiquitous in mainstream culture, that get made into games like Arkham City and hundred million dollar movies like The Dark Knight Rises.  It matters who we are allowing to define our heroes for a generation and that left in the hands of a franchise, the wrong aspects determine what stays over time and what's forgotten. 

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