Feline Logic

  1 oz Catdaddy MoonShine
  1 oz Pearl Blueberry Infused Vodka
  1 oz chilled French pressed coffee
  1/2 oz Godiva White Chocolate

  Frangelico Chipotle Pepper Sweet Cream*
  white and dark chocolate shavings

Use a shaker and fill with ice, add the Catdaddy Moonshine, Pearl Blueberry Infused Vodka, coffee, and Godiva White Chocolate. Shake and strain into martini glass. Next float the Frangelico Chipotle Pepper Sweetened Cream* on top of liquid finish with white and dark chocolate shavings.

*To make Frangelico Chipotle Sweet Cream: Take 1 marinated chipotle pepper out of juice and rinse under water next place in blender with 1 pint of heavy whipping cream and 1 1/2 oz of Frangelico blend until smooth but not thick.