Cat-Tales is a work of fan fiction and not affiliated with anyone.  Chris Dee is unaffiliated with and has no connection to DC Comics, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros., their parent company Time Warner, Legendary Pictures or any employee, friend or associate of anybody.  Batman, Catwoman, Gotham City, et al are the property of DC Entertainment, used without permission and for Fair Use purposes of artistic expression and social commentary relating to the use/misuse of these important social icons.  All fan art remains the property of the original artists, all cosplay photographs remain the property of the participants and/or photographer.

Q. Did you get a talking to?
A. No.

Q. Why are you adding this now?
A. There were some pretty wild theories circulating after The Dark Knight Rises.  There were a few details in The Gotham Rogues and in our Gotham After Dark viral that were simply lucky guesses on my part.  I had no advance knowledge of anything.

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