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Bruce and Selina begin their married life together but a killer is poised to push Gotham to the breaking point in Mrs Wayne by Chris Dee

Latest Tale:  
Mrs. Wayne
: Writing on the current tale was suspended during Covid lockdowns. Chris Dee does hope to eventually conclude this story and the wedding arc but is unable to provide a timetable at this time.

  Motor Valley: How the Batmobile Begins... A character piece set during Bruce Wayne's years of travel. First stop after the dojos and kwoons of Asia is Italy's Motor Valley.  
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A Girl's Gotta Protect Her Reputation
The stories about Catwoman are getting out of hand.

After REPUTATION Bruce & Selina try to make sense out of their relationship.

Heard the Latest ?
Bruce & Selina aren't the only Gothamites with private lives between the panels.

You know what a catfight is, right?  Picks up where NORMAL left off.

Such an Idiot
It was only a matter of time before Batman realized the implications of his new girlfriend's criminal connections.

Domestic Affairs
Man does not live by crimefighting alone .

Fun 'n' Games
Bruce Wayne's Catwoman fantasy comes to life because Giovanni D'Annunzio is a snob, the Velkstad Ballet is a bore, and Joker is downright insane.

Plan 9 from the Demon's Head Smart Demon, Foolish Choices. 

A romance begins with fun and thrills, even for Batman and Catwoman.  It can't last, even for Batman and Catwoman.  Time for angst.

The R-Word
If a certain Gothamite has really reformed, there's bound to be fallout.

Watering Hole
Where do they all get those wonderful toys?.

We Gather Together
Thanksgiving at Wayne manor. 

Knight Before Christmas
You think mistletoe can be deadly?  Stay away from the rumballs. 

Times Gone By
No one could foresee what Dick and Babs engagement set in motion. 


Something Old
Joker's back.  But it's Alfred's arch-enemy, Anatole who may be the greater cause for concern...

Something New  
Joker in Arkham doesn't necessarily mean Joker's out of the game. 

Something Borrowed
Borrowed like borrowed, or borrowed like STOLEN? This isn't a Martha Stewart Wedding.

Something Blue
Blue:  (1) a primary color (2) off-color, suggestive or lewd 

Dearly Beloved
The good-luck mojo - old, new, borrowed and blue - is in place.  And now... 

KnightLife: An ordinary night in the life of Batman...before complications set in.

What's New Pussycat Heard the Latest?  The Gotham Rumormill is a force of nature.

F.Miller, author of Catwoman: an Unauthorized Biography invades Selina's turf at d'Annunzio's.

Loose Ends: ROADTRIP! 

Trick or Treat:
Halloween at an Exhibit celebrating the Mystery Whodunit.

Vignettes of unrequited love, Country Music, and Bao Tu Jambon.

Blonde Jokes
Joker's telling blonde jokes instead of killing people - and that's not even the weird part.

SecretsHoudini's Tome of Secrets is up for sale in Gotham.  Riddler wants it, curses be damned, and so does Zatanna. 

Awkward Pauses
A Cat Tale and Twofaced Tale told in parallel.

Highland Games:  Life goes on after Hell Month: but if Selina DID move in with Bruce Wayne, what would become of her rent controlled penthouse on the park?

SplitzvilleJoker and Harley have split...Meanwhile, far from Gotham... 

An Arkham TaleLife is never dull in Dr. Jerry's House-o-Fun.

Women Lacking ComplexityThe Women of Gotham...  and the men they confuse. 

Cattitude:  "Selina had no 'origin' in the sense of one defining moment that made her Catwoman...  but she hadn't sprung out of the sidewalk at age 23 wearing a catsuit."

An Iceberg Tale:  Making your way in Gotham today takes everything you got...

Go Rin No Sho:  The Book of Five Rings: Samurai Manual of Combat Strategy.  The problem? How can Bruce Wayne be a playboy with a live-in girlfriend?

World's Finest:  Red Cape, Big City
Magic, Madness and Murder, three things Batman hates most.  They arrive in a single night, and Clark Kent is coming into Gotham Tomorrow.  This cannot end well.

Strange Bedfellows:  Developments in Washington are about to impact Gotham. 

Fool:  In Shakespeare only the Fool can mock the king.  In Gotham...  It's Harley's birthday.

Polishing Silver 
The Journal of Alfred Pennyworth

No Two-Face?  No Harley Quinn?  Poison Ivy is not happy, and when Gaia's Chosen isn't happy...

Identity Element: 
A Hell-Month like never before as fallout from Identity Crisis reaches Gotham

Deja Vu All Over Again:
Ever have that strange feeling this has all happened before?

Napoleon's Plan:
"Ubu!  Apprise the Pit-Stirrers that the Demon's Head shall present himself for the Mergulho al Ghul at the eve of the next moon."

  String Theory:
That's not an infinite crisis...  This is an Infinite Crisis.

Fortune Cookies
After the Crisis Catverse, there's a lot of Gothamites to catch up with. 


The Gotham Post:
Once a tabloid went too far, Catwoman responded, and Gotham has never been the same.  Wait til you see what happens this time...

After the Gotham After Dark Fundraiser, every rogue in Gotham is up the river.  That must be good news for Batman, right? RIGHT?

amuse bouche
\a-'myuz bush\ [Fr.] to amuse the mouth, a small bite before the meal begins.

The New Black:
Could it be the new society trend? Have rogues become "the new black"?

A double homicide in Gotham's Park Row, one witness, juvenile.  Unsolved.

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Riddle Me-Tropolis:
Edward Nigma has had enough of Gotham City, and really, who can blame him?

The Iceberg burned down? An opportunity for Batman might not be very good news for Selina...  or Swiss banking.

Short Tales
Interlinked tales of Bat, Cat, and Gotham.

War of the Poses:
All Sly wanted was to get through Vault's opening night without running out of bourbon.  He never meant to crown Catwoman queen of the underworld.  Nevertheless...

I Believe in Harvey Dent
Sooner or later, everyone has to face the past

Armchair Detective:
Some nights, you get to swing across the city on a silken batline...   Other times, you have to sit and exercise the little gray cells.

Not My Kink:
Five weeks.  Catwoman is no crimefighter.  Never has been.  Never will be.  She just has to get through these next five weeks.

Demon's in the Details:
Ra's al Ghul.  Atlantis.  Batman...  What could possibly go wrong?

Do No Harm:
Untold Tales from the first year of Bruce and Selina's relationship.

Don't Fear the Joker:
Scarecrow is the fear rogue.  Everybody knows that.  What if he realizes he's not the one they're afraid of?

Electron 29:  It's called the Grifter's Curse.  If a long con player, mob boss or theme rogue falls victim to a small-time scam, bad luck will follow.

À Bon Chat, Bon Rat:  “And Paris.” Bruce said.  “We could do some shopping.  Walk into the original Cartier through the front door without...  upsetting anyone.” 

Trophies:  from the Latin tropaeum, a prize, memento, or monument to an enemy's defeat.   Of course in the Batcave, it might mean something else. 

Comedy of Errors: Somehow the Rogues got the idea that Bruce Wayne is engaged to Selina Kyle.  This cannot end well.

The Gotham Rogues Falcone, Bane.  You don't trash their dreams without consequences, even if you're The Gotham Rogues.

Wayne Rises: What's past is prologue.

Inside an Enigma: a quiet Gotham is a paradox wrapped in a puzzlement inside a mystery encased in a riddle surrounded by...

NMK Inc: Jim Gordon is back.  When he resigned, Catwoman was an anonymous cat burglar.  Now she's Selina Kyle, living with Bruce Wayne, and running this company that's messing with Ra's al Ghul.  Might be a learning curve.

Spontaneous Generation:Poison Ivy has been going through some changes.  Up until now it was a figure of speech.  Now it isn't.  Welcome to the Seed of a New World Order.Poison Ivy has been going through some changes.  Up until now it was a figure of speech.  Now it isn't.  Welcome to the Seed of a New World Order.

The Neighborhood: Batman is Matches Malone, deep undercover with the Irish Mob in Hell's Kitchen.: Batman is Matches Malone, deep undercover with the Irish Mob in Hell's Kitchen.

The Knight of the Mirrors:Make it thy business to know thyself, which is the most difficult lesson in the world.' ~Don Quixotee

Pearl: The World's Greatest Detective marrying the World's Greatest Thief.  There are only a few ways this story can go.  All of them involve a heist.

The Engagement Party: Bruce and Selina's march down the aisle begins.

Gifts: Bruce Wayne's Bachelor Party, Selina Kyle's Bachelorette, and it turns out there are actually worse wedding gifts than Booster Gold's.

Ever Fixed: I, Bruce Wayne, take thee, Selina Kyle to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death parts us, and thereto I pledge thee my troth.

Mrs. Wayne: Bruce and Selina begin their married life together but a killer is poised to push Gotham to the breaking point.


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