Iím sure you get this all the time but I have to ask: how can I be more like you? I know I canít look like you (not for a long time at least) because Iím overweight with short red hair (dyed but still) but I would love to act like you. The only problem is Iím usually very meek and sweet and can get quite hyper. I feel more like a kitten than a cat. Part of my problem is I care too much what people think of me. Is there anything you suggest for getting the correct mindset? Music, movies, books? I already wear a lot of purple if that helps.

With utmost adoration,
Jannesa ďCatĒ

Dear Janessa,

You're already much closer to true Cattitude than you realize.  First, you understand that it isn't about appearance.  A cat recognizes no standard there apart from what she demands of herself and what makes her feel good about herself.  So dropping a few pounds to feel healthier is great, it adds confidence to your stride and confidence is always sexy.  Meow.  But that's the reason so many cats choose to be sleek and fit, for us. Not for them

The sweet little kitten is also perfectly compatible with a truly feline nature.  (It's quite ridiculous the way some people seem to assume I'm a snarling pitbull all the time.  I'll claw an offender when necessary, but that's a rarity.)  The Cat will always be who she is.  If that is sweet and purring this morning, hyper and energetic this afternoon, and reowrl tearing up the town tonight, then be that.  Own it.  Whatever it is in you to be right now, at this moment, be that 100%, and you are a cat. 

It's only when they try to dictate what you are/should be that you should unsheathe your claws and rip their throats open.

As for cultivating the mindset, I am so fond of jazz.  There is something about the way a jazz clarinet or an alto sax will paw at a familiar melody, teasing it without ever quite letting it have its way completely.  It totally captures the playful nature of a cat.  For movies... hm.  For a brilliant depiction of a woman totally at one with who she is, who makes the most of life, and knows exactly how to get under the skin of a puffed up broody man, I would say find the 1995 Pride and Prejudice with Jennifer Ehle.  (Decidedly not the more recent one.)  And although the art thief in The Thomas Crowne Affair (remake only, with Pierce Brosnan) is a man, he certainly captures the "taking it because I can" attitude and the confidence that comes of being incredibly good at what you do.

Confidence.  Own who you are.  Play whenever you can.  Never let them get away with dictating what you should be. 

Purple helps too. 

Ciaomeow,as we say in the real neighborhood,

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