Dear Catwoman
First I'd like to say that you are awesome.

Second thing is a question concerning your more recent appearance in the media (or at least the use of your image). As I am sure you are aware Midway came out with a game for PS3 called MK vs. DC in which Mortal Kombatants squared off against some of the best in the DC universe. Congratulations on being selected as one of the fighters.

What I'd like to know is how you feel about your portrayal? Do you feel Midway represented you better or worse than the Gotham Post? Also is there any character among the playable options you feel you'd like to take a (whip) crack at?

A long time fan

Hello Oracle_Thunder ,
You clearly know how to approach a cat. I think that is pretty awesome too. Meow.

While I was born a bit early to take up a keen interest in that sort of game, Tim and Cassie are avid enthusiasts, so Iíve been able to take a look. I am, of course, pleased to have my fighting abilities recognized.  It is no mean feat holding your own against Batman, and while I do admittedly have other means to put him off his game, a naughty grin alone won't get you far against the best martial artist in the world.  So yes, it is certainly "an honor to be nominated," as they say.

I will tell you that Tim and Cass do not feel Mortal Kombat compares well, on the whole, to the games Bruce gets them in Tokyo. I must say, having just seen this Final Fantasy version of the Jokeresque evil clown Kefka...

...I am quite sure heíd approve.

But you were asking about me. It appears that these Midway folks made the supreme mistake of talking to the Post rather than those who know me, because they committed the two great sins: they have me classified as one who would kill my opponent, and anyone who knows the first thing about Catwoman knows that I do not kill. They also have me pictured in those hideous goggles, which are an insult to all things Cat. (Can you believe they are actually based on the aviator goggles worn by SNOOPY THE DOG? Oh yeah, thatís feline.  Pfft!) 

They did get the color right: the awful zip up biker-chick get-up is at least purple. And I do appear to be appropriately lacking in complexity. But when other enterprises as diverse as Six Flags Amusement Parks...

and the Metropolitan Museum of Art...

manage to get my appearance right, Iím afraid I cannot give Mortal Kombat anything more than one paw print.

But I thank you, Oracle_Thunder for writing and being such a fan.  You get five paws.

Ciaomeow, as we say in the real neighborhood,

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