Dear Selina,
I was just wondering what has happened to Walapang's little buddy that used to hang out with him. You know, the little brown one that you didn't name. Because after the Blueprints story, it seems to have disappeared and Walapang seems all lonely. Is the bat dead?

Victoria J.

You'll be happy to know the little brown bat is fine.  It was touch and go for a while.  Bruce did a little investigating and found what brought those two down to the lower level right above his workstation.  The little one had contracted something called White Nose Syndrome (WNS) which is a very serious bat disease that showed up several years ago in the caves around Gotham.  It's believed to be caused by a fungus, which irritates the bat and wakes it from hibernation.  It burns through its fat reserves faster than it should, becomes emaciated and cold.  Poor little things.  By coming down to perch over Bruce's workstation, it had the benefit of extra heat from the lights and computers, and extra food from Bruce's rarely-touched dinner trays.

Anyway, the little guy made it through the winter.  Don't tell Bruce, but I've named him Wayf.  Sounds good with Walapang, and it's also from a glossary of legal terms. "A stolen article which the thief has thrown aside in his flight for fear of detection."  Meow.

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