Dear Catwoman,

I am a HUGE fan!!!!! I have been a fan since I was 2 years old. I wish though that I could be more like you in multiple ways: your feistiness, playful nature, awesomeness, survival skills, knowing what to do in any and every situation, and (most of all) your flexibility. How did you learn these things? I own 2 cats, and they are mostly polar opposites. Also, how did you decide what your costume is? I try doing research, but all of the websites say different things, and I end up with more questions.


Dear Hawkfrost, thank you so much for writing. It's always a pleasure to meet a fan and fellow cat owner.

The answer to many of your questions can be found in my origin story Cattitude. The flexibility that I now cultivate through yoga really began with my mother, who was a ballerina. I'm not sure how young I was when I had my first lesson, but I can tell you that even before that, I snuck into her music room even though I wasn't supposed to be there. So the sneaking, naughtiness and playfulness all go way back.

I picked up a lot of the surivival and fighting skills in my European travels, which you'll read about in that same tale. Sean, who I met in Milan and trained with in Paris, and Shirumari Sensei who I met leaving Paris and trained with in Florence. Funny how that worked out, going back and forth between the two countries. I always wondered if it meant something. Sometimes life just works out that way, I guess. I think going where you're led has a lot to do with it. Doing what you want brings you into contact with the teachers you've meant to have. Just my feline opinion.

Case in point, my costume.

I didn't set out to have a theme and have a costume. But one of my first jobs on coming back to Gotham, I ran into Edward Nigma, whom you know as The Riddler. He put me in touch with Kittlemeier, who not only makes costumes but all kinds of gadgets. When I went to see Mr. Kittlemeier for the first time, I wore a mask I had brought from Venice - it was a very beautiful cat mask, of the kind they make there for Carnival. Sensei used it to teach me how the mask can bring out a part of our personality, and make all those qualities you mention - feistiness and playfulness and knowing what to do in a situation - just come naturally without having to think about it.

Wearing the mask, I found I answered all Kittlemeier's questions about what kind of costume I wanted, without really giving it much thought. It's not magic or anything, it's just freeing a part of you to let your instincts guide you. You know what you want, but often, you don't know that you know.

I didn't analyze the things I came up with, not for years, but I see now that the color purple was tied to memories of my mother. She had an amethyst necklace and to me, the color is tied to the fluid motion I always saw in her as a dancer. The whip I learned how to use in Italy - it's cattle country, you know, and their cowboys have been using them for centuries. Besides the whip, I also learned a great deal about leather in Tuscany. Took the tour at the leather school in Florence countless times and knew exactly what my costume should be.

I hope you'll read the whole story here, and that this answered most of your questions.

Cream & Catnip,

P.S. Catitude also tells you about my first cats, before Whiskers & Nutmeg. Would love to know more about your furballs.

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