Where in Gotham is the East End- that section of the city Selina is the protector of (in the current comic scenario)?

As with most subjects connected to me, the Gotham Post (editorís note:  thatís the comics in your world) is somewhat confused.  What I can only guess they are referring to as the "East End" is New Yorkís Lower East Side in your world, which was historically associated with tenements and pushcarts during the great waves of immigration in the 19th and early 20th Century.  While today LES has its share of eclectic boutiques and restaurants, it is simply not my kind of neighborhood.  If I were inclined to attach myself to some part of the city and declare myself its "protector," that wouldnít be it.  The implication that I actually have ties to the area only shows that tabloidís ignorance of my true origins.

The irony is that there actually is an East End in uptown Manhattan Gotham, not far from my old apartment on the Upper East Side overlooking Robinson Park.  East End Avenue, to be precise, known to many a socialite hopping the Hamptons Jitney.

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Ciaomeow,as we say in the real neighborhood,

Editorís Additional Note:  While Catwoman does continue to prowl those areas of the city she considers her territory, these areas are the same she prowled when actively practicing as Gothamís premiere art and jewel thief.  The areas consist largely of Museum Row, the upscale condos flanking the park on the upper east side and upper west side, the wholesale diamond district, the galleries of Madison Avenue, the jewelers on Fifth, etc.  Crimefighting rarely occurs during these prowls, as she has said many times "Thatís his kink, not mine."  When it does, Selina is always reluctant to admit to it.  However it is fair to say that, regardless of the occasional criminal-pummeling for reasons of her own, stopping crime and protecting neighborhoods is not the reason she prowls.  

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