Dear Catwoman,
Besides being main characters in Cat-Tales, both you and Batman are exceptional at hand-to-hand combat. Were you Chris' sole source of information when she worked on stories such as Cattitude and had to describe multiple fight scenes in detail?  Or do you know if she had to do research into martial arts and other techniques?  Did she perhaps draw on any personal experiences?

You're very perceptive.  While Chris had some fleeting exposure to Aikido in college and a little Tai Chi since, she never practiced seriously, finding yoga to be a better fit for her non-cat burglar, non-crimefighting lifestyle.  She does have a good friend who is a serious practitioner of both Aikido and the Bushido sword-related disciplines.  While he has been pivotal in providing both information and inspiration on several occasions, including the Heaven-Earth throw and pins described in the first Batman-Catwoman encounters in Cattitude,  there are many other instances where she falls back on the time-honored formula: general knowledge of subject + Google. 

Ciaomeow,as we say in the real neighborhood,

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