Dear Selina,
We all know that the Gotham Post ran a complete fabrication when it suggested that you were romantically involved with - well, you-know-who.

We all know that the Post has printed gross exaggerations and outright lies about all kinds of villains and heroes - Nightwing and Poison Ivy?  But have any of the Postís distortions ever had any basis in reality?

For example, the Post has reported other relationships you've had in the past - a demented police detective, an Italian hit man, etc. While you've retold much of your lifeís story to Chris, I feel compelled to ask as I find myself reading through back issues of the Post (as well as dispatches from its office in Rome). Do those stories have ANY basis in fact?

As readers of Cattitude are aware, I did spend a little time in Italy in my early years, and I can only assume the Post based their curious idea about Blondie the Italian hitman (note the lowercase "h", Iíll get to Tommy in a minute), on Fabrizio.   After Francois, I did have a brief affair with a yacht-owning Italian, and I learned a good few things from him about Swiss and Cayman banking that have proven very useful over the years.  
Now, Iíll be quite honest:  I donít really know much about Fabrizioís money, other than there was a lot of it and it came from his family. I know they were in commercia (general term for "business"), and in Italy, on a certain level, that involves a certain amount of what we here in the States would consider "criminal" behavior --in terms of payoffs and politics, not killing people.  But I really donít think they were Mafiosi or anything like it, and Fabrizio was certainly no hitman.  He wasÖ well, now that I think of it, the best way to describe him is a rich playboy.  Letís eh, not tell Bruce that part.

The Post is also half-correct in that I was stalked (that really is the only appropriate word) by an obsessed psychopath of a cop called McShane.  They took some liberties in implying any sort of relationship.  When I became aware of the situation, and by situation I mean a law enforcement buffoon deciding he could make Catwoman his pet project, I took steps to lead him into a dead end where he could be dealt with, and by dealt with I mean professionally (and, if necessary, personally) destroyed.    That is how Catwoman deals with bottom-feeders, be they cops or private agents, who presume to push themselves into her life.   That he turned out to be a deranged killer was something of a bonus.  The scumbag wound up dead, so there is no danger of a sequel.  Meow.

Now then, as to hitmen.  These are, by and large, the scum of the earth and only the very worst of those Post-hacks that pretend Iím some kind of streetwalking guttertrash could think I would have anything to do with such creatures.  

There is only one "Hitman" I deign to recognize, and that is Tommy Monaghan.   We've had an adventure or two, and there is just enough spark to make for some wonderful flirting.  But thatís as far as it goes.  He knows thereís only one man for me.  Anyone of any sense knows that. 

Ciaomeow,as we say in the real neighborhood,

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