Dear Selina,

Africa is the greatest! Hear you'reÖum. Well, Iím sorry for the time I tried to kill you, nine lives and bygones and all that! Anyway, Cheshire up and left in a hurry.  Do you think you might leopard-sit until I get back to the States?  His name is Baby- I know, donít ask. Again, sorry about the death threats.

Yours Meowfully,


P.S. Did you know Batman sent a thank-you note after that caper? Heís stranger than he looks.


Some bizarre quirk of the internet may have corrupted your recent e-mail. It contains a number of words which simply donít make sense when grouped together in the way they are on the page. If I understand you correctly and you are, in fact, in possession of an actual leopard, I enclose contact information for my Head Keeper at the Catitat. While the preserve is quite full, there is always room for another leopard.

Should you have meant anything other than the above, pray for death.



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