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“sexy and smart”
— Penthouse

“Remarkable. Highly recommend.”

“Ten times the love and respect for the characters than the authors of the official comics…
More emotion and charm than most novels on the bestseller list.”

— Der Beste Batman überhaupt,

Comic Book and Movie Reviews

“A Catwoman who could be sexy and playful, joyful and bitchy, witty and kinky and smart, simply because that is who she is”
— Comic Book Resources

“Probably my all time favorite Batman.”
— io9

Chris Dee's work is a world apart from the usual fare one finds. This is a DC Comics based alternative universe story where Catwoman and Batman fall in love, but there is so much more to it than that. The characters grow and change and evolve in a way that is never allowed in the comic book medium. It's a change I was thirsting for as a fan, and an adult with an adult's perspective on life and not a kids love of thrills and sameness. I could happily never read another comic as long as this talented author is putting out the stories I love with the characters I've grown up with. Five stars for comic books fans who don't mind strong women who say it like it is.
— Amuse Books

These are the best Batman stories in ages.
—The Crystal Hall

"In creating Cat-Tales, Chris Dee breathed life into the motivations, personalities, and relationships of Selina, Bruce and countless other characters. She effectively transformed them from two-dimensional figments of the imagination that could be considered and dismissed at will to three-dimensional people who readers could care about and love. Second, she created a world where these people were respected. They were allowed to grow and evolve in a manner that was true to their character and their essence, rather than forced and restricted into a role dictated by arbitrary mindsets or the latest fad."

“In all the books I've read, I've rarely come across an author that is capable of consistently delivering such pathos and insight into characters and through the lens of the minds eye, insight into ourselves. Her characters come alive, and when you've read them, you'll never read Batman the same way again... and you'll understand that the comics (and movies) truly do have Catwoman all wrong.”

“Intriguing and well-written.  Fix Fics every piece of Character Derailment and bad Retcon inflicted on Catwoman in the past thirty or so years of comics”

“This editor considers it the closest thing possible in Fan Fiction to authentic Adaptation Distillation”

"The Best Batman ever.  Without exaggerating: the best fanfic I’ve ever read.  Chris Dee navigates current DC Comic arcs like Identity Crisis and  Infinite Crisis, but gives them his own touch, dealing with the various characters with ten times more love and respect than the authors of the official comics.  I finished Book 4 of the Cat-Tales today and it stirred me literally to tears.  No shit.  More emotion and charm than most novels on the bestseller list."

“Characters developing beyond their 4-color past and coming alive as never before.”

“Chris Dee is fearless. Taking on the material of Brad Meltzer’s Identity Crisis with soul-wrenching honesty. The moral questions are met head on, every one, and with a wiser compass than DC’s. But even Martian Manhunter’s brilliant evocation of Thomas Jefferson must be upstaged by the human story. Whoever thought Batman and Catwoman could produce a love story of this power?”

“This story is inspiring, uplifting, and downright funny—although Cat-Tales fans have come to expect the latter.”

“I could wish that the writers of Batman, Superman and other iconic characters who have been warped by the confused, marketing-driven storylines of recent years could be sat down and told to read Cat-Tales. They might, were they to overcome their blinkered prejudices, learn something about character, about humour, and about heroism.”

“touched my heart, my beliefs, everything that makes me still believe in and have honor”

“And people wonder why I say if I ever grow up, I want to be Catwoman.”

“A grand farce. Absolutely hilarious.”

“Finally, a Catwoman origin worthy of Selina Kyle and the fans who love her.”

“describes everything I've ever felt about both Batman and Bruce. Beautifully.”

“It takes a special kind of person and talent to bring that material to life. A kind of person that chooses to define Batman, not by the cape or by the tragedy, but by Bruce Wayne: the man behind the cape. One who makes a conscious choice to avoid the plots that would reduce or tear him down and embrace the storylines that let his character grow and evolve… clearly demonstrate the potential of tragedy to develop characters by exploring the emotional heights and depths that they could rise and fall to, rather than using it to pervert characters into mere, damaged shadows of their former shells. They used past tragedy, and how it came crashing into the present, to flesh out characters such as Bruce, Selina and Dick, and give readers even more reason to love and cherish them… This is what great stories are made of.”

“People want heroes. People need heroes. They want someone, whether mythical or real, to look up to, to set an example for them, to aspire to be like -- to tell them that life down in the mud, so beloved of the escapism-haters, is not all there is; that things can be better, and will be better if enough of us strive to make it so…  I say "we" here for the obvious reason that those who write to you and those who love Cat-Tales and its basic principles are showing this reaction: we want a Batman who, however obsessed with his mission, is a true hero, and not a psychotic madman every bit as bad as the villains he protects his city from; we want a Catwoman who is not a victim of abuse, who is smart, sassy, sexy (and proud of it!) and is the perfect match for her Bat -- and man. We want a Bat-clan who respect their mentor and inspiration, but don't walk in fear of him, and who are competent, capable individuals in their own right as well as allies of the Bat.”

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