Spinoffs & Specials

Motor Valley by Chris Dee, Part 1 Motor Valley: How the Batmobile Begins... A character piece set during Bruce Wayne's years of travel. First stop after the dojos and kwoons of Asia is Italy's Motor Valley.   

Capes and Bats by Wanders Nowhere
It's Pumpkin Time in Gotham city, and Scarecrow's loose, but Batman's troubles are just beginning; he'll have to deal with a sinister newcomer, a deadly contagion, and worst of all - Hollywood!

"draw the curtains, light the candles, and prepare for a tale beginning with a dark (and stormy) knight..."

"An absolute page-turner" 

JLAin’t by MyklarCure
The first sister series and hailed by many as the best, JLAin’t chronicles the Justice League in the Cat-Tales Universe.

Part 1: The Other Side   
There are some changes in Batman lately, and the Justice League may not be able to handle it.

Part 2: Reds, Greens and Holiday Blues  
"Third Saturdays," the infamous JLA Christmas party, and the return of a long-lost friend.

Part 3:  A Year in the Life
With Dick Grayson about to marry Barbara Gordon, it should be a festive time for the Justice League. Unfortunately...

"Simply the best JLA on record, including Canon, including the cartoon, including (yes really) Grant Morrison."

"The ideal Justice League that never was an always will be."

Don't Fear the Z
by Random Equinox
Don't Fear the Joker, from the perspective
of everyone's favorite band of lair-builders.

One of Those Days
Ever have one of those days when everything goes your way?

Why set up a lair when you can have the professionals do it for you? A newcomer to Gotham is about to find out the hard way

Reap What You Sow by Allaine
An alternate universe from String Theory, explored to perfection by award-winning fan fiction author Allaine

"little shivers up and down my spine"

"probably the only writer out there capable of taking on a 'pink sapphire world'"


Wicked Verse by Dien
Jason Blood’s reality shattering adventure with Catwoman, his romance in the 30s with an Ashton ancestor, and more

"Just like Cat-Tales Catwoman, first you'll fall hard for the wonder of the character,
then you'll wonder how they could have been mishandled for so long."

"An interpretation so right it hurts." 

Other Fan Works

More stories set in the Cat-Tales universe include:

Unfinished Business
by Thundering Monkey
*Unfinished* When an overzealous Civil Rights Attorney frees Stephanie Browns killer from Blackgate, it's only a matter of time before he kills again.

Twofaced Tales
by Rob Pierce
Never have we seen such a look of sadness.  And we've seen a few - many of them in the mirror every morning.

These Hallowed Halls:
by Nathan Perry

a JLAin't/West Wing Crossover based on A Year in the Life

Moving Violations
by C.Mage
Gotham City has a new resident, a man who'll drive for anyone, whether it's ferrying bank robbers to safety or taking a celebrity to the premiere. The Batmobile can't seem to stop him. The question is: Why Gotham?

Tales from the Tower
by J.M. Howard
*Unfinished* Under the advice of Nightwing, Batgirl goes with Robin to observe the Teen Titans in action and learn the values of teamwork, professionalism, and family. Well, two out of three ain’t bad...

Fan Art Gallery
Thundering Monkey’s jaw-dropping Poser interpretations of classic Cat-Tales moments, MyklarCure’s faux Motivation posters, and Selina Enriquez’s delightful fan art.
Roxy-Ivy Catfight
Thundering Monkey spent two years learning Poser to bring us this unbelievable short film of the Roxy/Ivy catfight from Iceberg Tale which took the Internet by storm in World’s Finest, Red Cape Big City
The Gotham Post
Cat-Tales first Fan-Site, written and illustrated by the most active CT followers.
Winners Gallery
Livejournal Icons, Motivation Posters, Original Character fiction and more award-winning submissions to the 5th Anniversary Contests.
Because the fan girls demanded it,
CT-insiders dug in and built the website you heard about in What’s New Pussycat and Awkward Pauses.
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