Catwoman Black & White: Anime

Anime-style Catwoman

It’s not the anime style, but something in that pose and expression, a level of determined and directed flirtation that on in the early days, on some level, scared Bruce to death, for he always sensed that one day it would dismantle Psychobat:

Eventually, I would catch up; I’d land on a rooftop just as she made the other side of it.  I’d call out, tell her to stop, and unlike her other… compatriots, she would actually listen.  She’d stop, her hip cocking to the side ever so slightly, and then turn… slowly… so slowly, making sure to give me an eyeful of that profile, the city lights dancing around her like a thousand twinkling stars.  Then she’d start to move… toward me… not threateningly or menacingly, but surely predatory.  She’d have that sly smile as she sauntered towards me, her whole body alive with movement.

From the “My nights with Catwoman” log entry in Awkward Pauses


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