Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle on the set of the Dark Knight Rises

This awesome photo of Anne Hathaway on the set of The Dark Knight Rises looks more like the fashionista Selina Kyle of Cat-Tales than we could hope for. Class and elegance returned to the character at last?

The exchange “The easy way or the hard way” “Why Batman, how hard do you want it to get” references Batman and Catwoman’s first meeting in Cat-Tales (note the book in her hand) in Selina’s true origin story, Cattitude.

This motivation poster was released April 1, 2012… Note that date before you get too excited about Ms. Hathaway’s reading material.

As with 2007’s viral to coincide with Warner Bros I Believe in Harvey Dent, Cat-Tales staged a mini- alternate reality game viral to coincide with The Dark Knight Rises.  In addition to a choose your own adventure story and internet scavenger hunt, two Cat-Tales intertwined TDKR.  The Gotham Rogues, written before the movie was seen and releasing its final chapter the day of the premiere, and Wayne Rises which began the following week.

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