Batman and Catwoman Kissing by Selina Enriquez

“I don’t think I understand, sir,” Alfred said carefully. “Batman and Catwoman are having an affair?”

Bruce expected that reaction. He knew how the statement sounded, but that really was the only way to phrase it.

“Alfred, you’ve seen enough of secret identities to know that—”

“I am aware, sir, of the tendency to ‘compartmentalize’ aspects of your life, but I fail to see… That is to say, sir, you and Miss Selina have enjoyed an intimate relationship for a number of years now. I fail to see—”

“Bruce and Selina have, yes. When it started getting serious, even before the masks came off it was… it was me, and it was her. This is different. This is… the first… the old…”

He trailed off, lost in some private thought. Alfred coughed. And Bruce took a new approach to the story.

“It was the night of the MoMA opening. She needed it. I guess I did too…”
Napoleon’s Plan

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