Bruce and Selina in Goodnight, Kitten by Remidar

Goodnight, Kitten

Selina has been living in Wayne Manor since Highland Games at the top of Book 3. There are a number of bedroom scenes since then. I chose this passage to compliment for Goodnight, Kitten by Remidar.

At the end of the clock passageway, he considered a stop in the kitchen.  But he was too tired.  Morning would come soon enough and he’d grab a bite.  He climbed the stairs wearily, running an absent finger over the kimono, black and slate gray woven in a tight herringbone pattern with black piping.  His mind wandered back to another climb up these stairs after a late patrol.

It was early in their relationship, not long after he’d revealed his identity.  They’d slept together, of course, most often at her place, but occasionally at his.  But that night was very different.  It wasn’t bedding down for the night after sex.  He was coming home from patrol, as he had so often, to a dark, still house.  He had hired her to help improve Wayne Enterprises security.  She’d been working mostly from a laptop in his study.  It got late, it was a long drive back to her place in the city, and he did have those 25 spare bedrooms.  Alfred set her up in the Chinese Room, and Bruce had gone out on patrol.  When he returned, just as he climbed these stairs, he’d had the oddest feeling at the sudden realization:  She was there…  Selina… Catwoman… was sleeping under his roof.  She was in the Chinese room, right across the hall from his bedroom, at that very moment.  He didn’t have to retire to a lonely cold bed and conjure memories of a fantasy cat.  She was right there.  He could knock on the door, he could go inside, he could touch.  It was early enough in their relationship that that part was still new.  He was allowed to touch.  Catwoman—Selina—was right there for him to touch. 

From Go Rin No Sho

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