Cosplay: Golden Age Catwoman

© 2010 Mike Tuffley

Milla Bishop as the Golden Age Catwoman in the iconic skirted costume made famous again in The Brave and the Bold cartoon.  This iconic costume has been referenced a few times in Cat-Tales as having been worn by Selina for only a few weeks one particularly hot summer.  According to Dick, it had a tremendous impact on Bruce who had always found her legs a particular point of attraction…

“That summer was all about the sight of her legs in that skirt, whether you want to admit it or not.  You sent me to ‘find some evidence.’  Well, I found it, Bruce.  You told me a detective notices everything those tiger scrolls at the Japanese gallery.  Wearing the new cape and buffing scratches off the armor before we set out that night.  Being sent to find some evidence in an empty parking lot.”

Cat-Tales: Trophies

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