Ivy's Holiday: Poison Ivy in a yellow dress overlooking a beautiful vista in Hawai

Ivy’s Holiday

“When she had first arrived in Hawaii, the first thing Ivy did was approach a housing agent. He understood that she wanted to obtain the kind of ultraprivate (and ultraluxurious) accommodations he rented to vacationing celebrities. He was a little confused when she specified that the owner should be in residence, but a few whiffs of moist jungle mist put an end to his questions. He placed her in a suitable house owned by a Mr. Takashi Beku on a gated 3-acre estate on a bluff above the bay, with plenty of lush vegetation and a private beach below. Mr. Beku, after more jungle mist, had been more than hospitable. At the conclusion of her stay, after begging her not to leave him, he provided his private aircraft to return her to Oahu. Unfortunately, while his little plane was perfectly adequate for islandhopping, it wasn’t nearly large enough to get her home.”

~Cat-Tales: Blueprints

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