Jason Blood in his cella vires

Jason Blood in his cella vires
“Every magician of worth has a sanctum sanctorum that is both repository of knowledge and power center, a cella vires. Like Batman’s cave, it is more than a space for convenient storage, it is an expression of who the magic-user is as a magic-user, an aspect of his being. What I am saying, Selina, is that it is no small thing that I admit you to into this room. The seeing ritual we shall undertake together begins when you step through this door and enter this space that is so intertwined with my magick.”

Jason rarely makes an appearance that doesn’t include someone’s favorite line. From his introduction in The Highland Games:

“Just because I look at you when you speak, you shouldn’t assume that means I’m listening to or care about what you say. That’s just something I do to be polite.”

To his declaration to Selina in face of the Mindwipe revelation in Identity Element

“Take this thought with you for the dark hours to come: It is a ludicrous fiction that love conquers all, but it can, in fact, conquer quite a lot. I am Iason of the Blood, Knight of Arthur, King of the Britons, reborn into dark service in the year of Our Lord five hundred and sixty. My power is vast, and for none to arrogate but by my will and decree. My services are engaged, Selina. Tell me what you need to ease your pain in this, and it is yours.”

To… pretty much everything he says and does in String Theory

“In the interests of proceeding before the fabric of space-time erupts into a flame of un-existence, let us say that I’m satisfied with your typically female and feline assurances uncorroborated by any rational explanation whatsoever.”

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