Joker by Selina Enriquez

“Reviewing: Fear isn’t funny. This is because fear is the currency of lower life forms. Laughter is evolved, other end of the spectrum. Hence the existence of gallows humor: Use funny as garlic to shoo away the vampire-werewolf-big bad beastie of fear. Making it very hard to find the FUNNY in FEAR. Professor Joker had eight to ten hairs turn BROWN while he was trying. But what was the ultimate solution? BANANAS…”

He pointed to the blackboard and frantically underlined words and arrows connecting his previous illustrations:

“Fear is unevolved. Caveman is unevolved. Caveman is like a monkey. Monkey eats banana. FEAR to CAVEMAN to MONKEY to BANANA. Get it? Now… Banana PEEL,” Joker continued, writing these words below the first equation, “slip on the banana peel — Fall — ‘Ah, we are all subject to gravity—just as we are all subject to DEATH’ We’re all subject to gravity, physical law, death, ACK! And that’s why slapstick is FUNNY. HA-HA-HA. So you see, Class, BANANAS are the Stargate on this.”

Don’t Fear the Joker, Part 3: Gallows Humor


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