Cat-Tales: Kittlemeier


The shop was not listed in any telephone book. Its door bore no street number. No sign proclaimed what it sold. Those who peered into it from the doorway saw only a dimly lit room with an ancient counter, an old-fashioned cash register, an out-of-date calendar from the local service station, and a curtained doorway leading to another room that opened onto the alley.
One would think to look at it, that Kittlemeier’s shop could not possibly attract customers, and in truth it did not attract many. But those who needed Kittlemeier’s particular services always seemed to know where to find him.
–from Neutral Ground by Mike Resnick, The Further Adventures of Batman

Kittlemeier was introduced in the Book 1 tale Wateringhole and quickly became a fan favorite, as well as a favorite of the Rogues themselves. He’s appeared in numerous tales, including the Dracula Elseworld Capes and Bats and his personal background was finally illuminated in his most recent Book 6 appearance The Gotham Rogues.

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