Madureira-Style Catwoman by Shisa Ai

Catwoman Black & White: Madureira-style
Madureira-style Catwoman

Nothing about Batman and Catwoman was “normal.”  They weren’t normal as criminal and crimefighter, they weren’t normal as lovers, and if there was a norm for criminals and crimefighters who then became lovers but sometime later resumed playful games harkening back to their adversarial relationship, they were about to shatter that one as well.

That was Batman’s thought as he clenched his gloved knuckles into a fist and rapped them in a sharp bell-ringing motion against the door of the new Cat Lair.  After a minute passed with no answer, he shot a “stay put” warning towards the waiting car and moved to the window, repeating the procedure.  This time, he was rewarded with a high-pitched metallic whine as a camera turned overhead.  He looked up, glared into it, and waited. 

After another minute, Catwoman appeared on the other side of the window, pressing her body against the glass.  

“Well this is new,” she mouthed distinctly, “You knocked.”

He shook his head and pointed towards the door. 

“No games.  Open up.  Now,” he mouthed back.

She stuck out her tongue.

“Make me,” she teased.

“No, I mean ‘No games.’  Open up now.”

Napoleon’s Plan

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