Cat-Tales Selina Kyle

Selina Kyle in front of Cartier, with the purple Lamborghini

“I was wondering if you’d like a Lamborghini.”

Very slowly, Selina sucked her lip inward to moisten it with her tongue, and then tilted her head at a thoughtful angle, a cat contemplating cream.

“I think it’s fair to say anyone would like a Lamborghini,” she said finally.

“So you’re not married to the Jaguar because of the cat thing?”

This time, the tongue came out on its own and moistened the lips rapidly.

“No. Theme is something it’s always nice to nod to whenever the opportunity presents itself. Being offered a Lamborghini, on the other hand, when that opportunity presents itself, theme can go sit in the corner and lick its paw for a while.”
Short Tales: HNWI

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