Cat-Tales: Raven

Raven, Oswald’s hostess at the Iceberg Lounge

Oswald was not prepared to eliminate Raven. She was a lovely bird and she knew how to handle the Iceberg clientele. Besides which, at one time Jonathan Crane was interested in her. All in all, that is not a lady you want to see in a freak accident with an Early Bird Delivery van.

But Oswald did want to get rid of her, not permanently, just until the dust settled. A vacation, perhaps. A paid vacation and a small bonus. Nothing too lavish, nothing she might perceive a payoff. Just a small gesture, a ‘thanks for all your help-kwakwak,’ ‘something to make your getaway a little more pleasurable-kwak.’ Yes, that would do very nicely. A three-kwak bonus. Now, where to send her, and for how long?

Ah, the life of an Iceberg hostess. Raven’s vacation wound up having a number of far-reaching implications for the Gotham underworld (and a certain Arkham employee in particular) in Amuse Bouche.

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