Richard Flay at the MoMA

Richard Flay at the MoMA

The Bristol Country Club, like so much of the neighborhood, was built on land that had once been a part of “Wayne Manor” in the days when the term designated a land grant instead of a house. Before it became a manorship in a British colony called Gotham, the land was part of a Dutch settlement, the patroonship of Schuylerwyck in the colony of Nieuw Nederland. The last American descendent of the Van Schuylers was one Richard Flay, who could be found most evenings sipping a brandy in the club’s main lounge.

Many of the Flays and Van Schuylers patronized the arts, but Richard Flay was the only one who wanted to be an artist himself. For a homosexual of his generation and lineage, it was as “out” as he could ever hope to be.

From Perennials.

Since his introduction, Richard Flay has become more famous (or infamous) among CT readers because of the interest he’s taken in Edward Nigma. Or, as Eddie puts it: “chases me from the caviar to the foie gras every time I come to these things.” –The New Black

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