Selina Kyle in Catwoman: Moon by Remidar

Catwoman: Moon

Daughter of the moon, that’s what my name means.  I knew that long before the Sensei told me.  Selene is the moon goddess of ancient mythology.  –ina is ‘little one’ in Italian, the -a makes it feminine, a daughter, -o would be masculine, a son. 

Only in moonlight can the enchanted swans of Swan Lake resume their true forms.  That’s how my father first saw my mother: on stage as one of the swan maidens bathed in moonlight.  He was as thunderstruck, he said, as Prince Siegfried confronted by Odette.  He got tickets for the next performance, and the next, and the next.  It was seven nights total before he arranged to meet her, through one of the ushers, I think.  When he did, she recognized him at once:  “The gentleman from the third box that is so fond of the ballet?”  This with a sly smile that let him know she understood: it was really her he came back to see. 

Hm… I’ve never let Bruce know.  I can sense him that way when he’s watching me, but I’ve never let him know. 

From Cattitude

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