Selina in the Batcave in Not My Kink

So it’s just me. Down here. With the bats.

A poignant moment from Not My Kink:
This cave is awfully big when it’s just you and the bats. I’m not sure how he could stand it all those years. I mean, I know he takes a lot of satisfaction in the work, it’s not that. And the cave itself is a wonder of the world. It’s almost an extension of him, and it’s hard not to be awed by it, even now that it’s so familiar.

But this time of night, having written out all that’s happened tonight on patrol, all that’s going on with Bruce and his injury, and trying to bring it all down to some final thought so I can call it a day and go upstairs to bed, just at this moment, it seems very big and… empty down here.

Maybe it’s just knowing there’s no one to go upstairs for. Bruce will be out until morning, so it’s just me. Down here. With the bats.

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