Cat-Tales: Sly

Sly at the Iceberg Lounge

“Your attention please, Iceberg patrons!” he began with an icy hauteur, “Be it known that from this day forth, the person of Edward Nigma is persona non grata in this establishment. The Riddler is BANNED from the Iceberg Lounge!”
-Oswald Cobblepot, Awkward Pauses

Why? What was Nigma’s crime? Like any sensible Rogue, he fled Gotham for Hell Month and came back painting such an idyllic picture of the life in Key West that Oswald’s bartender had up and quit, moving to the Keys to start a bar of his own.

It was not to be endured, and a posse of Rogues… well, we’ll let Harvey tell it…

We regarded Eddie evenly, pondering his question before answering. We had always liked Sly. He was a well-needed breath of normality in an otherwise completely abnormal bar. His departure had hurt us, and we were not going to let him swan off to the Florida Keys without a fight. We had resolved to go to the Keys ASAP and ‘bring our boy home.’

Our resolve had been strengthened by the stand-in bartender: Hugo Strange. Admittedly, he would only be bartender until Oswald appointed a replacement, but we had already run through mental scenarios where he became permanent. The thought was too horrible to entertain. We needed Sly.
Two-Face, Awkward Pauses

Ironically, of all the men in Cat-Tales, it was Sly who was the object of the most epic cat-fight in Gotham history in An Iceberg Tale.

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