Talia al Ghul, aka Talia Head, CEO of LexCorp

Talia al Ghul, aka Talia Head, CEO of LexCorp

“Talia, you didn’t understand the first thing about your own product line or why it was successful. You poured massive sums into R and D, ‘reinventing’ products until nobody would buy them anymore. Then you poured more massive sums into marketing to convince your ex-customers that all your mistakes and bad decisions were really a great improvement. You can’t insist things into being what they’re not, Talia. It didn’t work with corporate buyers any better than it did with… with me. You never turned those sales around, despite all those ads and all those press releases. And you are never going to become dear to me by calling me Beloved. Can you understand that, Talia? Or is it too adult a concept for you?”

From Strange Bedfellows

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