Zatanna on stage

zatanna and riddler in secrets
Zatanna on stage in Secrets

In Secrets, Zatanna comes to Gotham to bid on Houdini’s Tome of Secrets, to be auctioned at a Wayne Foundation fundraiser. Riddler wants it too… But because both believe it’s cursed, it can only be bought legitimately. No hocus pocus, no stealing… Let the games begin.

Gotham Times, December 8
The show at the Gotham Civic Center, Zatanna: Mistress of Magic, was interrupted last night when the performer vanished from the stage. According to eyewitnesses, Zatanna became distracted by a disruption in the rear of the auditorium. She muttered something the witnesses could not understand. In what appeared to be a variation of Houdini‚Äôs Metamorphosis, a figure draped in black cloth materialized at the same instant on the spot where she had vanished. The cloth fell, revealing the costumed criminal known as The Riddler bound in handcuffs…
The audience, assuming this was part of the show, applauded and cheered as the felon ran offstage and escaped via the stagedoor.
Authorities will not confirm that The Batman foiled a robbery of the Civic Center Box Office during the show.

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