Batman and Catwoman Argue by Selina Enriquez

Batman and Catwoman Argue (pencils)

Batman and Catwoman argue – a lot. Responding to the first chapter of Spontaneous Generation a reader noted during a relatively brief spark in the Batcave that Bruce and Selina ‘really enjoy this song-and-dance, don’t they?’ They do, and this is why. There was so much of it in their early relationship.

It was exactly the same fight, until it ended. When it would usually end. How many times had we clashed under that banner? And every time, it ended the same way: Catwoman disappeared into the night and I finished patrol. I returned to the cave, I sat in this chair, I typed up the log with as much detachment as I could muster, and I went to bed. I didn’t sleep, and usually, I bit Alfred’s head off in the morning over nothing. The realization started pounding in my core: this wasn’t the same fight at all. She was standing three feet from the chair where I had made those log entries in the old days. – Batman, Not My Kink

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