Batman and Catwoman: Goodnight Gotham

Goodnight Gotham by kyriadalyn

This sexy sketch could be the signature image for Cat-Tales, capturing an intimate Batman-Catwoman moment tied to their rooftop history before Bruce and Selina got involved. Since the whole series is centered on the Bat/Cat relationship, it is hard to select “the best” Bruce/Selina tales, since most of their best moments are nestled in stories that are largely about something else. The fan picks are as follows –

The Iceberg burned down? An opportunity for Batman might not be very good news for Selina… or Swiss banking.

Go Rin No Sho: The Book of Five Rings: Samurai Manual of Combat Strategy. The problem? How can Bruce Wayne be a playboy with a live-in girlfriend?

Wayne Rises: What’s past is prologue.

Cattitude: “Selina had no ‘origin’ in the sense of one defining moment that made her Catwoman…. but she hadn’t sprung out of the sidewalk at age 23 wearing a catsuit.”

Déjà Vu All Over Again: Ever have that strange feeling this has all happened before?

Perennials: No Two-Face? No Harley Quinn? Poison Ivy is not happy, and when Gaia’s Chosen isn’t happy…

String Theory: That’s not an infinite crisis… This is an Infinite Crisis.

Normal: After REPUTATION Bruce & Selina try to make sense out of their relationship.

Awkward Pauses: A Cat Tale and Twofaced Tale told in parallel.

Trick or Treat: Halloween at an Exhibit celebrating the Mystery Whodunit.

– if we missed your favorite, add in the comments below:

See the finished piece here: Good morning, Gotham

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