Cat-Tales: Binky Sherborn

Binky Sherborn

“Binky was a trip. I could go down to Raoul’s cart for a cappuccino, run into her in the elevator and walk away with three or four prime Catwoman targets by the time we reached her floor: A new Galanos dress? Oh, of course, for the Wayne benefit next week! I simply must remember to get the rubies out of the safe deposit box, mustn’t I. I guess I’ll just keep them out since the Winthrop’s party is only a few days later. Did you hear the Ravels are finally splitting? She’s hiding assets, doesn’t want him to know she owns a Cézanne…

One of Binky’s more amusing snobberies was that she counted her visits to certain places: She could tell you exactly how many events she had attended at Wayne Manor, how many times she dined at the Finn’s, how often she had seen Prince Charles play polo, and she could tell you exactly how many times she had been inside the Bristol Country Club.” –Perennials

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