Bruce and Selina: Coming to Bed or Not?

“Bruce, you’re putting me in an impossible position,” she said wearily. “Bed has to happen. Now, if you don’t want to get on board with this, I can fight you or I can tempt you—both are among Kitty’s favorite pastimes, as you know. But the thing is, I’m tired too and both of those are work. So why don’t we just agree that you come to bed now, and in the morning, I’ll tell you who engineered the Gardner Museum heist.” – Selina Kyle, The Gotham Rogues

Bruce has always put the mission at the top of his priorities, personal considerations like food and sleep near the bottom.
Selina, loving the man he is, wouldn’t change him for the world – but she knows now and then it is necessary to go down to the cave and rejiggle those priorities. By NMK Inc, she’s learned that is easier accomplished in a short robe or one of his dress shirts.

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