Joker as Mad Hatter by Rick Celis

A visual mash-up is always fun, and in this case, a beautiful visual riff on the Joker/rogue “mash-ups” in Don’t Fear the Joker when, let’s face it, the rogues so honored saw it less as a mash-up or homage and more as Joker hijacking their theme!

“With the intention of fixating Joker on cats! Bruce, he’s not going to break into the art museum with elegance and finesse to steal a Golden Sekhmet, he’s going to SmileX kittens and nail them to the Bat-Signal!” –Don’t Fear the Joker

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Rick Celis accepts commissions at DeviantArt and also offers t-shirts through teepublic.

Tags: Batman the Animated Series, Joker, Mad Hatter

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