“Marry me”

From the revelations on Wayne One as Bruce and Selina rode home from the Wayne Enterprises Town Halls, Book Six was a dance between Bruce and the idea. It all came to a head:

“Whatever men who aren’t Batman have with…”

“With women who aren’t Catwoman…”

“It can’t…”

“It can’t…”

The words and the thought dissolved into the anxious, pulsing silence that precedes a first kiss. Bruce swallowed, and as his heartbeat pounded in his ears, his arm reached out uncertainly to find a place at the small of her back. Selina tilted her head awkwardly as their faces moved closer together, with all the tentative clumsiness of one who never navigated that particular nose before on the way to those new, undiscovered lips. She closed her eyes as her tongue moistened the inner ridge of her lip, timidly, in that heady moment before contact. Then came the heat… the warmth of an impossibly perfect mouth… and her hand rose up so that searching, curious fingers could touch, ever so lightly, along that perfectly chiseled jaw…

Until the caress continued, up and to the side, the pads of her fingers continued up and to the side… where the edge of the mask should be… up and to the side… up and to the side… and instead of that cold, graphite cowl, there was still warm, pliable flesh. Selina opened her eyes so that the masked stranger with whom she had never shared a first kiss dissolved into the familiar lover whose name was Bruce.

“Marry me,” he said with Bat-brevity.
Wayne Rises

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