Dr. Leland Bartholomew

Dr. Leland Bartholomew at Arkham Asylum

Leland Bartholomew went into medicine to help people. He chose psychiatry because he’d seen early on the special pain mental illness can inflict, both on the patients and their families. He’d had a seriously deranged lunatic standing in his kitchen, who was prepared to return to the hospital from which he’d escaped and refrain from harming anyone for a week, if only “Dr. Barty” would accompany him. What choice did he really have?

As far as Arkham was concerned, he hadn’t quit. He was on a formal leave of absence; there was no reason he couldn’t suspend it, just for a few weeks. A few sessions with Patient J, a few with Harley, and then he’d be off again. Officially and permanently this time…
from Amuse Bouche.

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