Catwoman and Gargoyle

Catwoman and Gargoyle

Batman landed roughly on the roof of the Gotham Banking & Trust building, ducking into a roll to slow his inertia. Not the most graceful of landings, but considering that halfway through his swing his left arm had suddenly broken—causing him to jerk erratically and change trajectory—forcing him to overcorrect and overshoot the edge of the roof by a good six feet—leading to this awkward landing…

As soon as he stood, he felt his left humerus snapping back into place, resetting itself, and his whole upper arm throbbed. The scars and wounds were still returning, the time in between each re-appearance getting shorter and shorter as he got closer and closer to Robinson Park. Wounds that originally took months to heal were resurfacing and re-healing themselves in a matter of seconds. It was a… bizarre sensation.

He grunted away the pain, forcing himself to continue on. That was one of the strange things he’d long ago discovered about wearing the suit—just being wrapped in the cape and cowl seemed to boost his tolerance for pain… though today was certainly testing that theory.

He knew he shouldn’t be out in the field like this. Batman’s effectiveness as a fighter came from his ability to control and trust his body—something that he couldn’t guarantee considering what was happening. But he also knew that Superman was out there, battling whatever magical evil had been unleashed upon Gotham, and Batman would be damned if he was going to let his friend stand alone. Especially considering Clark’s susceptibility to magical damage…

Batman grunted in determination as he reloaded the grapnel launcher. From here, it was an easy path to the park—swing from the gargoyle on the corner of Grupnel Tower’s roof, around the Parkside Apartments and over the Eastern Gate of the park.

He pointed the grapnel launcher toward Grupnel Tower… and froze.

The gargoyle was gone.

From World’s Finest: Red Cape, Big City

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