Lois and Clark by Rick Celis

Lois and Clark by Rick Celis

Passenger: Kent, Clark Seat 3B FC GA17

Clark took the tickets from under the Daily Planet fridge magnet and slid them into his jacket pocket, then he returned to the front door and smiled quietly to himself.

There were many things Clark adored about his wife: her fire, her tenacity, her brilliance, her passion… but over the years, he’d come to realize that it was the little things, the quirks, that delighted him the most. The way she drummed her fingers on her keyboard when she couldn’t get the phrasing of a particular idea. The way she would pick all of the red M&Ms out of the bag to eat first. Her meticulous, almost scientific, method for preparing her coffee each morning.

Her inability to go anywhere for more than five days without packing at least four suitcases…

Thus Clark and Lois made their entrance into Cat-Tales in World’s Finest: Red Cape, Big City and though their appearances as a couple were few, from War of the Poses to Riddle Me-tropolis, they are always memorable and always fan favorites, and the foursome truly returned as the World’s Finest-now-a-quintet, fulfilling the promise of Red Cape in Knight of the Mirrors.

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