Mrs Wayne

Mrs Wayne

It began with Martin’s distracted misstatement to Dinah: “Mrs. Wayne” …Overheard by Mrs. Wigglesworth, who then saw Dinah point to Selina…
“Dancing with the groom” …Mrs. Wigglesworth told Mrs. Ashton-Larraby she’d already heard talk of who’s next, mouthing the words “Mrs. Wayne” and pointing, as Dinah had, towards Selina. …Mrs. Ashton-Larraby said at last her lips were unsealed! She’d known for months, but didn’t want to spread idle gossip. Mrs. Ashton-Larraby told Mrs. Helbrook, who told Mrs. Ford, overheard by Mr. Upton…. Mr. Upton told Mr. Drake, who told his wife, who told Mrs. Fox…

By the time Selina returned to her seat, there were four separate accounts of the engagement being circulated. Hearing one of these, Aunt Kate sought out Selina to offer her congratulations. —Dearly Beloved

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