The Proposal by Rick Celis after David Finch

It was 52 months and 9 days after Bruce said “Marry Me” in the final chapter of Wayne Rises when Tom King’s Batman got down on one knee and uttered that same 2-word proposal to Catwoman in the final panel of Batman 24. The moment electrified the comics world, of course, and the world beyond, covered in non-niche media like the USA Today and Politico (Even White House Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway was among those tweeting) and – more importantly for our purposes – the issue sold out within hours of that panel being seen, commending a second, third, and fourth printing. That history-making panel reimagined here by Rick Celis in his trademark style after Batman the Animated Series.

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Tags: Batman the Animated Series, Batman-Catwoman Proposal

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