Portrait: Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze at the Polar Bear enclosure, Robinson Park Zoo
Victor at the Polar Bear enclosure, Robinson Park Zoo

There was a flaw in Oswald’s logic, which he might have noticed if he hadn’t noticed something else: the arctic corner of the zoo was strangely empty. There was usually a throng of tourists, school tours, and even casual day-visitors huddled around the polar bears, but since leaving the penguin house, Oswald hadn’t seen a soul. As he neared the polar bears’ pen, he saw why: Victor Frieze was there, leaning against the rail and watching the bears intently. That explained it. With that cold suit, Victor was one of the most conspicuous Rogues. Oswald might not be Bruce Wayne for good looks, but he could stroll through the park and enter the zoo without exciting comment. Victor Frieze showing up had a way of emptying the place out. –Comedy of Errors

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