All Characters except Whiskers and Nutmeg, Omar, Moira, Francois de Poulignac, Anatole, Martin/Hermoine, Giovanni D'Annunzio, Aunt Maud Wodehouse, Mr. & Mrs Ashton-Larraby, Randy-quad, Ulstarn, Sly, Greg "Giggles" Brady, Doris Ingerson, Raven, Detective Porpora, Mr. Offred, Ramona DeSlice, Derek Drake, Draco, Nethal, Mr. Corry, Mr. Jose, Nurse Chin, Raoul, Steve, Gina, Claudia Lennox, Miriam Nash, Lawrence Muskelli, Nirvanna, Sean, Shirumare Sensei, Richard Flay, Edward Vaniel, David Vaniel, Paula Winn, Joey Yolinski, Redford Briggs, The Z, Dr. Yarling, Oliver and Noel Lyon, Fiona Lyon, Fredrick Donohue, Jr., Gracie Haswell, Nicola Dulch, William Foley, Saul Vics, Bernard Ducret, Carl Augustiner, Mark Barras, Anthony Marcuso, Susannah Pelacci, Mollatova, Jinatra and Tuan, Blakely Parks, Valerina, Dika, Skyclad, MKULTRA, Binky Sherborn, Litheoi Bythos, Marty Parks, Abigail, Captain Leffinger, Marcus and Paula Smek, Marisol, the Hudson U students, Cancrelat, Edgar Lhomme, Mahmoud, Detectives Reed, Rowanski and Schmidt, Cynthia Merithew, Madison Hargrove, Norm, Juan and Alan, Congressman Aringa, Serge Malenkovik, Leonard Roff, Anthony Marcuso, Susannah Pelacci/Pagliaccia, Claire Sabana, Mahmoud Molokhya, The Z, Lili and Lise Lund, Maewyn Finn and the Westies, Barry Hobbs, Rio Rhoul and Felipe, and the Wayne ancestors in the Wayne Family History are DC Entertainment. Used without permission and for Fair Use purposes of artistic expression and social commentary relating to the use/misuse of these important social icons.  All stories and intellectual property, Cat-Tales and its associated original characters and the Wayne Family History are Chris Dee.

All fan art remains the property of the original artists, all cosplay photographs remain the property of the participants and/or photographer.

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